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Techpanel Acoustic Screens

Techpanel Acoustic Screens

The Montage Interiors Techpanel Acoustics Screens have a subversive design which completely abandons the traditional screen concept. It saves time and money utilising a simple structure that is easy to install and stable to connect. No more complex components, the Techpanel Acoustic Screens are a progressive solution that unlock more agile and flexible ways of working.


  • 12mm Acoustic polyester PET with NRC 0.8 rating
  • Structurally rigid with timber connectors
  • Remove the need for desk legs
  • A range of different configurations available
  • Easy install and relocation


  • 36 different colour ways
  • 90 or 45 degree corners
  • Slide on coat hooks


On desk partition lengths 580, 980, 1180, 1380
Free standing partition heights 1160 or 1460mm
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