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Share Pod

Share Pod

The Share Pod provides a space within the office with acoustic and visual privacy for semi-private meetings. The inclusion of nanofibre in this pod gives it a high level of acoustic performance - shielding the user from noise.

The free-standing unit can be placed anywhere in the office and can move to suit users who require flexibility in their floorplate.

Designed and made in New Zealand.


  • Proven and robust construction means greater durability and long life of product
  • Nanofibre technology to mitigate the impact of noise and collaborative efforts.
  • Proven low-VOC furniture option


  • Power/data includes the base unit and an interconnect cable; starters may be required to be sourced locally. Internal routing provided; assumes floor-sourced power connection
  • Standard worktops available in Melteca (LPL) with edgebanding, Plytech Futura (European Birch HPL), or Plytech Spectrum Eco (Finnish Birch HPL)
  • Available in a variety of fabrics (requires stretch and memory)
  • Optional monitor mount for multi-media presentations
  • Lite option available (No nanofibre technology)


Overall dimensions 2400L x1600D x1300H

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